Sweet Potato Pie and Sweetie Pies

by Bella Rum

780cef98766e3389439aba94ffef8664I went down a rabbit hole this morning, looking for a good sweet potato pie recipe. There goes an hour I’ll never get back. I’ve only made one sweet potato pie in my life, and that was many years ago, when cooking was still a new and occasionally disappointing enterprise. If memory serves, it was stringy.

I found one recipe whose claim to fame is that everyone who tries it says, “It is the best I’ve ever had.” That’s a pretty big claim.

Anyway, we’re going to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving, and he loves sweet potato pie. Even though I’m not much of a potato pie maker, I’d like to try one.

One of his former women friends used to make a delicious sweet potato pie. I tried to wrangle the recipe from her. She always promised, ” I’ll get it to you.” But she never did. Since things ended badly, I don’t think it would be politic to ask for it now, but if I thought she’d give it to me, I’d probably try. It was a very good pie.

Here’s the recipe. I can’t recommend it because I haven’t tried it, but…

If you have a good sweet potato pie recipe, let me know.