by Bella Rum

b02f3e53486b6eeafe39690f7df49c38I’ve bought a few things on eBay, but that was a long time ago. However familiar I was with the process (not much), I didn’t remember or never even knew about automatic bid. I told you. Novice!!

I want a pair of ice skates for decorative purposes (No, I’m not going ice skating.) so off to eBay I went. After a little fumbling around, changing my corrupted card number, etc., I was all set. I found skates that I liked. As the auction was winding down, I made a bid and another and another. I kept getting outbid. That’s when I learned about automatic bid (when a bidder, unbeknownst to other bidders, places a maximum bid, and eBay automatically bids for them until they win or their maximum is exceeded by another bidder). Anyone familiar with how eBay works knows what happened. I did not score my skates.

But never fear, I found another pair of skates. I paid only one dollar more than the first pair went for, but the shipping was less… so… I ended up paying $2 less. They should be here before or by Dec. 2. I will show you my project when I finish it, but this is my inspiration photo.


Sometime in the sixties, Santa brought me one of those sleds with the runners for Christmas. We lived on a hill; it was a perfect spot for sledding, and it snowed like crazy that year. All the neighborhood kids spent day after day sledding. It was a secondary road, and the plows and sand trucks were way to busy to get to it. It was the most fun I ever had in the snow. It’s heyday long past, the once dashing sled has been relegated to the attic for years, but when I saw that photo up there, I thought, why not bring her downstairs, dress her up and let her greet people at the front door.