The Day Before the Day

by Bella Rum

thanksgiving-dinnerThanksgiving! I should have known it was coming. It’s not like it isn’t on the last Thursday of November every year, yet… Where has the year gone? Every January, I say, “This one can’t go faster than the last one.” And it does. Who said, “Time flies.” Who said that first? Well, they were right.

It’s a gray and rainy day, and the sky is hanging low. I can hear the water dripping off the roof outside. It’s a great day for making baked beans, marinated vegetable salad and a couple of Uncle Richard’s sweet potato pies – my offerings for Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s. I’m getting off easy.

I tried the other sweet potato pie recipe that I was thinking about, but the crust came out a little soggy, and the spices did not hold a candle to Uncle Richard’s combination. So, there you have it. I’m making the pie today because I fancied that it tasted better the second day. Something about those spices associating with each other overnight.

When  I got my hair cut the other day, my hairdresser said she was making the ham and the turkey gravy. The “other” mother-in-law was making the turkey. When I asked how she planned to make the turkey gravy without the turkey drippings, she looked puzzled. I said not another word. I can’t fix everything.

We’ll drive down to my brother’s house tomorrow morning. He’s the fabulous cook and Donna is the hostess with the most-est and a pretty good cook herself. If they were in a soap opera, they would be the “super couple.” That couple around whom all other characters revolve. I’ve never seen two people with more charisma. It isn’t right.

They had a costume party on Halloween. Donna was a witch. I asked if my brother wore a costume. It was a rhetorical question. I knew he would never. She said that he wore an old-man costume, but she told everyone that he looked uncannily like George Clooney when he removed it (she didn’t say how much wine she’d had). Women love him.

My ice skates arrived and they are perfect. I put it all together: the sled, a bough of greenery a plaid ribbon and the skates. I’m pleased. The fall decorations were removed a couple of days ago, and Christmas will be ushered in on Friday.

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”