reeling it in

by Bella Rum

IMG_8267On Sunday morning, I woke with that old, familiar feeling. Things were on the verge of reeling out of control: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, Christmas cards, and presents (some wrapped, some not) scattered on the bedroom floor, boxes of ornaments, garlands, ribbons and other instruments of holiday decorating that H had strategically placed in staging locations around the house. The day before, I convinced myself there was a method to the madness, and that it didn’t bother me one whit. But not Sunday. Things were getting out of control. I had to reel it in.IMG_8251

When I’m doing a project or preparing for a holiday, the mess doesn’t bother me for awhile, then it does, and when it does, I have to do something about it that very minute. Sunday was the day.  I had already decorated the mantel on Saturday.Santa on mantel

mantel – photo taken last year but it’s pretty much the same this year

With H’s help, I decorated the tree on Saturday.

Then we ventured outside and I helped H put the swags on the front porch (a little higher there, a skosh lower here, perfect). The sled is now in place and I dressed the doggie. IMG_8260

The ice skates arrived ahead of schedule, and I put it all together over a week ago, and leaned it against the wall outside of the bathroom door where it remained. I only knocked it over once… or twice. Those skates are heavy. IMG_8278

It doesn’t look any worse for wear, though.

IMG_8274I’ll show you the tree and the wreath later. I don’t want to overdose you in Christmas-ness. I keep thinking of going with the silver or gold theme that is so popular now, but as you can see, I’m steeped in traditional red. Like Marilyn and Robert Mitchum, I’m on the River of No Return where red at Christmastime is concerned. I do love me some red.

Yesterday, H made all those leaves you see in that third doggie photo disappear. We’re going to the dump today. I’ve lost track of how many times he’s raked, filled bags, loaded up the truck and taken it all to the dump this fall, but we have at least one more trip or maybe two. They just keep coming. It’s the fault of all of my beloved, huge trees int he backyard. Then the gutters must be cleaned out. I finally convinced H to stop doing it himself. Our roof is very high.

Clean gutters are not worth falling off a roof. Put that on a pillow.

I want to do a few things in the Grand Trio’s room. I found a package of twelve snowflakes, and I’m going to hang them from the ceiling (or H is), and I’ll do a few things around their room to Christma-fy it. It’s all easy and will only take a few minutes. I still send a few Christmas cards every year, but not as many as I once did. So I still have that to do. I’m getting there.