A Mammogram and a Missing Shirt

by Bella Rum

I got my mammogram this morning. Don’t ask me how I managed to get my annual appointment to land in December. Just clever, I guess. I’m going to let it ride a couple of weeks next year, and make the appointment in January, AFTER the holidays. I have to say that they were quick, efficient and nice. The technologist used a comfort/protective cover on the bucky. Are you familiar with that? It was my first time. She was surprised that I’d never seen one. I told her I’m always the last to know. Guess what they call them? Wait for it…… Bella Blankets®. It separates the breast from that cold bucky. I hope you get a Bella Blanket on your next mammography visit.310_311_bellablanket

H is on his way to a funeral. His uncle died. He came in here a few minutes ago. He was a little unnerved and tugging at the neck of a white shirt, trying to get it to button. No deal. He said, “I can’t find my blue shirt. I thought I wore it to your Dad’s funeral.” Well, he did, but it’s nowhere to be found now. His suit still had the dry cleaner’s tags – dated Sept. 2013. Dad’s funeral was Sept. 2013. I searched his closet thoroughly, but no blue shirt. I suspect it was left at the dry cleaner’s or in one of Dad’s closets. He has a half-dozen dress shirts, but not one would button at the neck (all going to Goodwill). He hasn’t worn them since he retired in 2001. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he had plenty of shirts.

I quickly went into we-can-find-a-barn-and-put-on-a-show mode, and pulled out a beautiful tweed sport coat I bought him ages ago, and an elegant but moth-eaten black sweater that my sister and I picked out for him at least eight years ago, because she’s been gone that long. I bought it so he could wear it with the sport coat for such occasions, but he refuses to go to a funeral or viewing without a tie. He’s not fancy; it’s a generational or respect thing. I’m not sure. Anyway, I don’t believe he’s ever worn that sweater. I quickly grabbed a needle and some black thread and stitched up the most visible small hole while he found a black T-shirt to wear under it because there were a few other very fine holes scattered about. We called it good. Actually, he looked gorgeous. I never see him dressed up anymore. Our life is pretty casual.

So that was the first half of our day. Who knows what will come next. Maybe bagels and smoked salmon with Waldorf Salad for supper… if the bagels aren’t moldy.