Traffic and Errands and Shopping. Oh, My!

by Bella Rum

I got my hair cut yesterday. Then we ran errands, made returns, got stuck in traffic and bought one stocking stuffer. We stopped by Sam’s for almonds and walnuts and then Jo-Ann Fabric. I got needles and a threader for the blind. Remember these. Even I can thread a needle with this little guy. needlethreader

What a grand invention. It embodies simplicity and utility. And it’s easy to store – a great combination of characteristics for any gadget. I HAD to get new needles. After trying to thread the only size – teeny tiny – needle I had in the house when I needed to sew up the moth hole in H’s sweater, I decided to put needles on the list. My only needles are probably fifty years old, a package that we got from H’s mother’s house when she died. She probably paid 10 cents for them. They are perfectly fine, but the holes are overwhelmingly microscopic. I’d have to find a five-year-old with perfect vision to thread it for me if I didn’t have a threader. I paid $3.29 for these. IMG_8544

We stopped by Starbuck’s for a gift card for my DIL, which I had already bought and lost once.Starbucks-Christmas-Limited-Edition-cards-caddy006_640x480
I bought the first one a couple of weeks ago and put it in the glove box. H got it out of the glove box and brought it in the house and up the stairs and into the bedroom. That’s where his memory stops, at the bedroom door, and here I was counting on him to be the one to keep his memory. So we know it has to be here… somewhere, but who knows when we’ll find it. We’ve looked high and low. When we find it, we’ll have a treat for ourselves – unless it was thrown out with scraps of wrapping paper. 😦

We have plenty of stores on this side of town, but when I need to do serious shopping, I have to go to West End. I hate West End. There are too many people, too many traffic lights and too much traffic. Thank goodness they do not have cameras on the traffic lights. I’d have about five tickets just from yesterday. You may or may not remember my run-in with that traffic-light camera last year. It was down at Dad’s, a place where I was always stressed and pressed for time. I scooted through the light in the last seconds of a caution light, and I watched as it turned red as I went through it, and there was a damned camera on it. They sent me a ticket and photo of my plates. Seventy bucks, ma’am.

H and I have the same conversation every time we get in the car.

Me ~ You moved my seat.

H~ No, I didn’t.

Me ~ You moved my seat.

H ~ No, I didn’t.

Me ~ You moved my seat.

H ~ No, I didn’t!

Me ~ I know you did.

H ~ …

I know he moves my seat.

Okay, off to get coffee and see what happened while I was sleeping. Have a good one, everybody.