Getting the Spirit

by Bella Rum

After riding through a nearby community, I was inspired by their mailbox decorations. I came home and cut some greens and Nandina (heavenly bamboo) berries in my yard, and I made a little decoration for my mailbox.  My other decorations are artificial. There’s nothing prettier than the real thing.

Things are getting busy around here, as I’m sure they are at your house, too. I have to write in the morning, before things get moving.

I’m going across town today or maybe tomorrow to buy a large pot roast to make for Christmas Eve and a pecan pie from Fresh Market. I’m making life easier this year with a few store-bought or bakery-made items. Most of the meal will be done with my loving hands… like the cheese cake and stuffing. I bought those wonderful “Sister Schubert’s” frozen rolls. Have you tried those?

Yesterday’s post had the best comments. I even got a couple of gift ideas for H and have already pre-ordered one. They pulled it for me, and I will pick it up at a store that’s five minutes from my house. How easy is that? I will not mention what it is because he reads my blog sometimes. I’ve made him swear off the comments on yesterday’s post. I will wait until after Christmas to get another gift that one of you mentioned. That will give me time to do a little research. His birthday is in March… if I can hold it back until then.IMG_8615_2

He made chocolate chip cookies for the kids yesterday and meatballs for an Ina Garten marinara sauce that I made. The meatballs turned out really good. I put most of the cookies in the freezer so I wouldn’t eat all of them. The problem is that I still know where they are.

I’m getting excited. There’s nothing like a houseful of kids on Christmas morning. Look at all those stockings up there in the header. Last Christmas, my son – an only child – asked me if I ever thought I’d have so many stockings hanging on the mantel. I never did. I would have considered myself lucky if I’d gotten only one grandchild.

I missed Christmas with the grands so many times when they were little because we were at Dad’s. Things always seemed to happen at Christmas. I spent more than one Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in the emergency room. My sister asked me once, “Do you think Dad does this at Christmastime because he doesn’t want you to give attention to anyone but him?” Ha! No, he did not do that, but it did make me take pause. He was like my child sometimes.

I hope all of you are getting ‘there’ with your shopping and decorating and dinner menus and other Christmas doings. However much or little you do, I hope you enjoy it. I have moments when I think I won’t get it all done and moments like yesterday when I really felt the spirit, and it filled me with energy, something that’s in short supply for me these days.