The Day Before The Day Before

by Bella Rum

Well, I have a lot to do today, as do all of you.  I’ll cook all day. Yesterday, I managed to get all of the grocery shopping done… unless I’m missing one key ingredient that goes in this or the other thing. You never know until you’re in the middle of a seven layer something or a 20-ingredient casserole. Only kidding, I’d never make anything with 20 ingredients.

It’s always a little jolt when our quiet, simple, little twosome goes to a seven-piece family, but a nice jolt. We live such a quiet life, and it never ceases to amaze me how this house changes when those kids walk through the door. Smiles and hugs and laughter and energy almost burst through the attic. It’s a wild and hairy ride, I tell you. And I love it.

My biggest concern anymore is my energy level. It’s always between low and lower. Only occasionally does it reach lowest, and that’s when I’ve really pushed too far. I do a lot of pushing now to get things done. Push, push, push… I feel like the “Little Engine That Could.”

It’s time to get started. You guys get at it, too. Cook and clean and wrap, and cook and clean and wrap some more, and don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is highly underrated, taken for granted and plain old disrespected, as are hot showers when you ache and cold water when you thirst. How come we take the best things for granted and thirst for the things we think are great until we get them. Needs fulfilled! You can’t top it, and I need my Grand Trio. They are so excited… and guess who else is? Me!