Christmas Eves Past

by Bella Rum

Bonnie&Dee 12-24-1952048 copy_2I’m the red-head on the left. Dee Dee is the blond on the right. Look how dressed up the boys are. It was about 62  Christmas Eves ago, and Dee Dee’s first birthday party. She always had a party on Christmas Eve. If I was her mother, I would have moved her birthday to June 24.

Scanned Image

What’s with the bangs? This was taken on Christmas Day about 58 years ago. Aunt Ruby took the photo. My cousin Bunny is standing beside me, waiting for me to get out of his new fire engine that Santa brought him. You can see a little bit of his pajamas on the left side of the photo.

~Scanned Image_2

My friend Barbara is on the right. I’m, of course, the red-head on the left. It was not out of a bottle back then. We were on our way to a New Year’s party. Look at those flips, would you. Look at my body language. They say that when you place your hands there, you are feeling vulnerable. Body language is something I’d like to learn about. I didn’t think I was ever that thin. 

I woke at 2:00 am to go to the bathroom and couldn’t stop thinking about later today: their arrival, making the pot roast, hiding the presents (we have a nosy one), etc.

I thought I’d post a few old photos of me at Christmastime. I hope you all have a Christmas that gives you peace and happiness and whatever it is that you need most.

I’m going back to bed and try to get a few hours sleep without dreaming about that pot roast.

Merry Christmas!