Christmas Morning

by Bella Rum

I can’t believe I’m here at almost 4:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. The oldest two went to bed at 9:00, but they didn’t fall asleep until later. They were so excited. The baby (I keep calling her the baby, but she turns three in three days) was another story all together. She and her mother took a nap in the afternoon, and she had no intention of winding down at 9:00. Oh, no.

After an incredible pot roast/mashed potatoes meal and a couple of hours of conversation, H and I were ready for bed. I think we were the first ones asleep. Then I woke at 1:30 and we put the presents out. We went back to bed and whispered for a few minutes about how lucky we are at this time of our lives. Then, of course, H went back to sleep immediately, and I’m here with you. 🙂

The oldest two were tracking Santa on the computer last night. I know they’re not sure about that guy, but they certainly weren’t going to give up on him on Christmas Eve. They both ran to the Christmas tree when they first got here, and found the photo ornaments of themselves from Christmases past. Before long, I noticed the little one looking for her photos… and another tradition is born.

It is so wonderful to have them all here under one roof. How many times do we get to have things so perfect? How many more times? Remember that movie, A River Runs Through It? Brad Pit stood on the river bank, holding a fish he’d just fought with and finally caught. Fleeting though it was, the sweetest part of life poured over him in that one, single, shining, perfect moment. You can’t plan them, you can’t make them, you can’t keep them. You just have to let them wash over you and try never to forget.