The Day After

by Bella Rum

tired_santa_claus_after_christmasWhat a nice Christmas Day we had. The kids devoured their gifts, and everyone liked what they got. It’s nice when that happens. I remember one Christmas when at least two of the things we gave our oldest granddaughter did not work. I felt terrible for her.

Not only did everything work this year, but only one thing required batteries: an Elsa doll that sang while her dress lit up like a Christmas tree. It was something. Other than that wondrous doll, the girls both got low tech toys: a bracelet-making kit and fashion design books with stencils and such for the oldest, and tiny princesses with snap on gowns for the little one. Our grandson got Legos and Xbox games. Everyone was happy. You have to love when that happens.

Everyone is sleeping peacefully now. When H and I went to bed last night, my DIL was trying to wrangle the kids into the tub. Now that’s a sport that deserves a trophy. H and I were in our room, but we could hear the ruckus. She would try to get one kid to occupy him/herself while she bathed the other, but they each had their own idea of what entertaining themselves meant. At one point we heard a loud, repetitive noise that lasted for a few seconds before DIL gained control again. What a family they have, and what dynamics are at play. I had an only child. This is an entirely different concept. She is my hero.

Today, we’re off to buy a birthday cake for the birthday celebration. My grandson turned seven a few days ago, and the baby grand turns three on the 28th. There you have it. The celebration continues around here until January 1, when H and I will eat black-eye peas, finish off the stuffing and fall into comas until spring.