Princess Mania

by Bella Rum

ariel-arielIf I didn’t have insomnia, I wouldn’t have had time to post this week. This is the perfect time to check on you guys and update here.

I didn’t cook anything but breakfast yesterday. Let’s hear it for leftovers! We’ll do sushi one night, and my DIL will cook one night. She’s a great cook. I’m not sure how long they are staying. They usually leave before New Year’s to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her parents, but her parents are working a lot. I think they want to skip the entire thing, but they could change their minds. You know how it can be. You’re busy and exhausted and just want to take a pass sometimes, but then you rally. So, we’ll see.

My DIL and I ordered a ladybug cake for the birthday girl. We’ll have a small celebration tomorrow. This has been a relaxed visit. I’ve taken a nap every day. It refreshes. Their visits are usually shorter and busier. This time we have time to watch movies and play outside and just hang out. I think we’ll go up to the playground today. It’s supposed to be in the sixties. Can you believe that? We may even cook on the grill.

H has spent hours on the family room floor playing princess with the three-year-old. She never tires of it. We were watching a movie last night, and I noticed that H was engrossed in something on his iPad. I leaned over to see what could cause such rapt attention. He was looking at photos and names of all the Disney Princesses. I asked, “What are you doing?” He said, ” I’m studying. She expects me to know all their names. She has to keep telling me who’s who. Ariel is my favorite because she has red hair.” Do you not love this man?