Celebrate Till Your Toes Curl

by Bella Rum

It’s been so nice to have the kids here for a long visit. It’s different from a short visit, which I also love. But when you know there will be another day and another, you don’t feel rushed to do everything or anything before they leave. We sit around and talk, cook, watch movies, take naps. We go outside, and the older two roller skate or skateboard in the cul-de-sac.

Yesterday, the “baby grand” must have ridden her big wheel around the porch a hundred times with me in pursuit, pretending I would catch her. Then, careening around the corners, she would chase me back to the front. As dusk fell, our Christmas lights came on. They’re on a timer. The cords run across the porch to the plug. Every time she ran over it, one set of lights would blink and the other would go dark. It was probably in the upper fifties and a perfect night to be playing outside. You couldn’t ask for better in December. It’s supposed to turn cold today and rain. So…

My DIL’s parents have decided to celebrate the New Year. I thought they would. It’s a big occasion for them, like Christmas is for us. It works out well for all.

Today is the birthday celebration for our grandson and the baby grand. My goodness, it’s a lot of celebrating. We should have moved these two birthdays to June from the beginning, and only divulged their real birth dates immediately before their weddings. But then again, who ever heard of too much cake? I say, eat, drink and be merry until January. See? See how that rhymed?