Ladybugs and Sushi

by Bella Rum

We had the birthday celebration yesterday, ladybug cake and all. My grandson had already had his party before Christmas, but H and I were not there, so we had gifts for him, too. He has been so pleased with his gifts this year, and has let me know. He is into Lego in a big way, and he’s very good at it. I think part of the attraction is that he and his dad do it together. I highly recommend them.

The little ones are so easily pleased. It was a very simple party, and she loved it. She came down the stairs in a pink, gauzy affair yesterday morning and shouted, “It’s my birfday!” When my son and H took them to the park, H told me that when he was pushing her on the swing, she kept saying, “Mama’s getting ladybug cupcakes for me. Mama’s getting ladybug cupcakes for me.”

We had sushi last night. All the leftovers are gone. I think I’m going to do hamburgers and hotdogs tonight. I’ll make macaroni salad this morning and baked beans tonight. Easy is my middle name.

We watched a crazy movie last night, Into the Storm. My oldest granddaughter sat so close to me, there was not an inch of light between us. We sat like that through the entire movie. Sometime before I fell asleep, I thought about my grandmothers and the sort of grandmas they were. I am my father’s mother’s namesake. She died when I was thirteen months old, so I have no recollection of her. I have a black & white photo of her holding me. I’ve heard stories about her, and by all accounts, she had a lot of personal power. My sister told me that she had favorites. I have no idea.

I knew my mother’s mother. She didn’t die until I was in my twenties. We all called her Ma. I got my red hair from her, and I look like her. I liked her. I have no bad memories of her, but I was not close to her. She made great chicken & dumplings if that counts, and I think it does. I respected her: she was strong and hardworking, and I knew she liked all of her grandkids, but no warm and fuzzy stuff. She never yelled at me or scolded me, but I would never have cuddled with her through an entire movie or even a commercial. Not much physical contact at all. I’m not sure if it was the nature of that generation or if it was her personality, but I’m a touchy-feely grandma. That’s all there is to it. And everybody needs a buddy when they watch a scary movie.