Lunch at Panera Bread and Another Finger Incident

by Bella Rum

Yesterday was for errands and it was a pretty nice day, in the fifties, then down to sixteen and in the thirties today. If you watched the news this morning, you know that it snowed in DC, but we didn’t get a single flake here. If you remember, you know that I like a little snow this time of year, but it’s always a tossup. Maybe yes, maybe no. Our winter used to be much colder and snowier. I always think of that this time of year.

Maybe that’s the reason for last night’s dream. Someone said to me, “That fetid smell? That’s our rotting Earth. We’ve killed it.”

In the midst of our errands, we stopped for lunch at Panera Bread. We both got soup, H got the low-fat garden vegetable with pesto, and I got the creamy tomato. I do love that creamy tomato soup, but I just made the mistake of looking at Panera’s menu. They post the calories. H’s vegetable with pesto is 140 calories, and my creamy tomato is a whopping 450. I like the vegetable with pesto very much (not as much as the tomato, but…), and I knew the creamy tomato had a higher calorie count, but I had no idea it was that much. From now on it’s veggie pesto all the way. The low-fat all natural chicken soup, weighing in at 130 calories, is a good choice, too. That and a salad or half sandwich and you’re pretty safe.

On the way out of the restaurant, H pushed the door open and caught his finger in the door handle. Look what it did. I know I’m posting a photo of a bruised finger, but I do love an injury pic. Remember the time he almost sliced the tip of his finger off when attempting to adjust the mattress? I took photos of that, too. IMG_8940

We’re on our way out to dinner with friends. This was going to be much longer and more interesting, but I have to run.