New Beginnings… um… Again?

by Bella Rum

plum-pudding-weighinginSee that Christmas plum pudding over ← there? That’s me. I hesitate to write about this because I’ve yet to begin. You know: false starts, sharing your painting before it’s finished, counting your chickens before your eggs hatch and all that. I’d hate to end up with egg on my face, but maybe if I write it here, it will come true. The first week or two are the hardest for me.

I didn’t make a single New Year’s resolution. Even if I had, it wouldn’t have been anything as straightforward and honest as “lose weight.” I would have put big-boy pants on it and made it sound loftier that that, using words like health and personal responsibility and goals and paths.

It’s long past time to take some personal responsibility for my health. Twenty-fourteen was such a great year for me in almost every way, yet I could not get the weight/eating under control. I lost a ton of weight four or five years ago, and I kept it off for over two years.

Then I had those pesky lung issues two years ago. When the steroid treatments began, the eating also began in earnest, and I could not stop. I haven’t had that excuse for a while, but that’s when I started down the wrong path. I gained a lot of weight. Everything tasted so good, and I had the most uncontrollable appetite imaginable. I can’t describe how voracious it was. Of course, that was two years ago, and this is now. Over the past two years, I worked really hard to gain all that weight back. What a success I was.


Along with a lot of people at this time of year, I’m jumping back in the water. I have a couple of goals: one that will make me happy, and one that I will shoot for after I reach the first one. Enough said. In a few weeks, I’ll let you know how it’s going. I have to go now. It’s time to get on the scales (I haven’t weighed in a long time so this could be shocking)… and exercise. Exercise is the hardest part for me. Leslie Sansone and I will be like this.

fingers_341pxDo you think I could lose a bra size?