House Hunting

by Bella Rum

I enjoy hunkering down this time of year (6 º yesterday morn) with a big pot of chile or vegetable beef soup and a good book (scary if possible), but this was a busy week. It found me gallivanting around town every single day for one reason or another, and today is no exception. Boy, you can tell this paragraph was written by a retiree. Most people have to go out everyday… to work.

A girlfriend had a hip operation. Her husband said he believes they will let her come home today or tomorrow – as soon as she can go up and down a few steps. I’m making a pumpkin pie for her this morning and maybe a couple of other things to take over to her house. We went to dinner with them Tuesday night. I topped off my year of bad eating habits by ordering chiles rellenos. They were delicious. What a way to end the eating extravaganza of 2014.

We’re going to look at two houses in our desired community this morning. Not many houses come on the market there. It’s a small but coveted community. The houses are smallish, too, but they all have first-floor bedrooms, and there are a few one stories. The exteriors are nice, but I’ve been pretty disappointed with the interiors. They were built around 2000, but there’s something quirky about every floor plan that we’ve looked at so far, or the finishes are dated, which we could change: cha-ching, cha-ching. Maybe older people don’t worry so much about updating.

It’s not a 55+ community, but mostly older people live there because of the first-floor bedrooms (which are scarce in this area), and because they offer yard maintenance. The houses come on the market when someone dies or goes to a nursing home. If you want to look at it in a morbid way, you’re kind of waiting for someone to meet their maker so you can get a house. I’m sure it will be our last house. It’s from there to the boneyard (said with a Maine accent). This sounds a little morose, doesn’t it? I swear, I’m just saying it like it is.

Speaking of bones (and Maine), I just finished a Stephen King novel, Bag of Bones. It’s an oldie, written in 1998. Loved it. At one time, I read his novels as they were published, but then I quit him for a good long time. Now I’m back.

H made a huge pot of chile this week. Boy, was it delicious. I mean really, really good. We ate most of it, but I froze a quart of it in an old pineapple sherbet container. One day, before the winter is over, it will make me very happy.

I just looked out the window, and we’re getting crazy wind. If that keeps up, it’s going to be so cold today. At least the roads are not icy.

Later: Hot Tea