Nothin’ Could be Finer than Eating Lunch with Ina

by Bella Rum

We made Ina Garten’s Orzo with Roasted Vegetables yesterday. It’s a keeper. Roasted eggplant, bell peppers and red onion are the stars. The recipe calls for a yellow and red bell pepper, but I added a green one, too. The colors are so pretty. Then you toss the veggies with a lemon and olive oil dressed orzo.IMG_8975

I reduced the oil a little, omitted the scallions (because I didn’t have them) and the feta… just because. I’m sure you know why I reduced the oil, and I was careful with my portion size. I don’t count calories. I practice portion control. I find that I cannot restrict any particular food so I opt to eat less. I’ve also been eating cleaner (not completely – CC Cookie). I had no grand intention about eating clean, but it’s kind of evolved. I’m having company in a few days, and probably will not eat so clean, but I’ll try to keep it down to a roar.

IMG_8980I paired this recipe with salmon. I can’t wait to try it when the kids come. My DIL likes eggplant. Pasta, not so much, but I think the vegetables win the day with this one. If you aren’t dieting, you could put the veggies on a slice of crusty bread, cover them with cheese of your choice, top it with another slice of bread, brush with olive oil, and put it in a panini press. Why does my mind go to that? I want cheese on everything.