January Slowdown

by Bella Rum

IMG_8999It was 55º and sunny on Monday – delightful for January. H decided to prune the small crepe myrtle. Remember when he pruned the large crepe myrtle? I couldn’t stand looking at him up in that tree with nothing to hold him there, but I couldn’t stand the thought of going in the house. What if he fell and broke his coccyx? Or head? This one was much easier and smaller.

I’ve enjoyed the slow pace of January. I can’t believe it’s almost over. This is usually the time of year for projects, but nothing. We are project people. Love our projects, but I can’t think of a thing that we must do. We’ve painted the entire house except for the kitchen/family room. We painted it when we first moved here over 13 years ago. I’m game to do it, but H is not. That could be because he has to do the hardest part, up around the ceiling – ladder work. So.

I’ve done little besides look at a couple of closets and mumble that I should straighten them and toss some more things. After almost buying that house, we realized that we’re probably going to have to purge some more. I tossed two things from my closet yesterday. It would be a lot neater and sparser in there if I didn’t change sizes every couple of years. Maybe I’ll get rid of two more things today. If I do that every day, I will get rid of eighteen articles of clothing by the end of January. The tortoise wins the race.

We had a friend over for dinner on Wednesday night. H made meatloaf. I had only a small slice, but it was delicious. That guy is really learning to cook.

It’s been a good month for dieting. It’s easier to get a good start if you don’t go to restaurants. I know you can still do it, but it’s easier if you make your own meals.

So there you have it. Not much going on in the cul-de-sac this time of year. I look out my window at leafless trees stretching their bony limbs to a darkened sky, and I’m grateful for warmth and food and good books.