About Yesterday’s Post

by Bella Rum

Yesterday, I mentioned that I might start another blog. It turns out that that was premature, and this is why.

I’ve thought about moving for a while. I’ve been here over five years, and I’ve really loved it, but if we ever find a house in a new location, Cul-de-sac wouldn’t be such an appropriate name any longer. Next time I will choose something more durable and nonspecific.

And sometimes you just want to shake it up, make a change, find a new home. Sometimes it’s fun to start over. It’s a little harder in real life, but you can go anywhere and do anything you wish in the world of blogging. Just pull up stakes and move on down the road. There’s something attractive about that once in a while. We live life in stages, and sometimes a new stage wants some new digs.

And I’ve run out of media storage on Cul-de-sac. I knew that I could subscribe to WP Premium for 10GB at $20 a year, but I wasn’t sure what would happen to uploaded photos if I suddenly stopped paying. You know. SUDDENLY! As in died. So that’s one reason I was thinking of moving. This is what I found.

What happens to my files if I cancel my plan?

You will not be able to upload new files until you resubscribe to the plan. Files that you have already uploaded won’t be deleted and will remain accessible. Source: WordPress: Support.

So that’s a relief. If I’m ‘gone’ I won’t be uploading files, but I’d like to know that my existing files will remain in tact. I’ve never added storage so I didn’t know what would happen. I’ll be ‘gone’ so it won’t matter to me, but H or the The Grand Trio might like to read that Nona’s dishwasher broke back in 2010 and see the funny graphic that Nona uploaded on that post or the photos of Grandpa bleeding when he scratched his arm while pruning the crepe myrtle tree, or photos of his stitches when he almost cut the end of his finger off (there’s nothing I won’t photograph for you). No, there is nothing I won’t blog about, except the foibles of those I love. And you have no idea the restraint I have to employ not to do just that. I have such tales. I know you do, too.

So, moving day is delayed. I’m going to buy the extra storage. I apologize for jumping the gun. If H and I ever move to a new house, I will probably start a new blog, and I will make sure to post a link. Until then, I’m here and hoping that you will continue to stop by for a cuppa my daily highs and lows here in the Cul-de-sac.

Love, Bella