I’ll Chop this Onion the way I Want to, Buddy

by Bella Rum

Guess what I saw yesterday. I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink when I looked out the window and saw a pretty, little robin sitting on the deck railing. What a sight for winter-weary eyes. We saw a few the other day when we walked. They were hopping around on the ground, pecking for worms. Are there getable worms this time of year? At these temperatures, it must be like eating ice cubes. This first sign of spring made me smile. A little while later, he was in the same spot again. Maybe he will be a regular visitor.

Just as I thought and mentioned before, I can see that H’s new hobby will result in a lot of new gadgets and pans and appliances in ‘my‘ kitchen. I’ve cooked with the same old stuff for years, but there’s a new kid on the block. I can’t hold him down much longer. Now he wants a ‘dark’ cookie sheet because he wants to make these brown sugar chocolate chip cookies that will only spread out into concentric rings if he has a ‘dark’ cookie sheet. Do you believe this? Today it’s a cookie sheet, tomorrow it’s a pasta maker. Gift choices should be easy for the kids on birthdays and Father’s Days for awhile.

The other thing that cracks me up is how he finds recipes, makes them and  then adjusts them to our tastes. I know we all do that, but I never thought I’d see the day… He uses a few of my recipes, too, except I don’t have recipes. I often use a little of this and a little of that. I’ve tried to figure out how much of this and that and write recipes for him, but…

So he’s going to the masters for help. And remember the first time one of your children came home with knowledge you didn’t give him? And remember the first time he knew something that you did NOT know? The day that he actually taught you something new? That day is coming. He’s going to surpass me. And to think he used to sweat it if I asked him to check the squash casserole to make sure it wasn’t burning.

For him, cooking is new, something that’s different from his norm. He’s having a good time with it, and I’m enjoying it, too. Not being the only one responsible for all the cooking is fine by me… except when he tries to boss me. Then it’s, I’ll chop this onion the way I want to, buddy.

I’m off to the grocery store. He’s coming along. You know my bill will be more than I was expecting, don’t you?