Grands and Hair

by Bella Rum

The kids are coming this weekend. I usually make a lot of food ahead of time, and the fridge is always packed with yummy things. Not so much this time. I’m doing a baked chicken and salads and vegetables and such. H did make cookies for the little ones, but that’s the only dessert. I’m not making cupcakes or cheesecake and no potato salad. Just plain food. We’ll still have sushi one night. I can’t stop that train, nor do I want to. I’ll just be selective, and show restraint. How’s that for being a grownup.

I’m pulling an old recipe out of the recipe file. It’s been ages since I made it. I’ve heard it called copper pennies, but I always called it carrot salad. It has a sweet and sour marinade over carrots, and a little chopped green bell pepper and chopped onion. I hope they like it; most likely my grandson will. He seems to like most things. The baby grand can be adventuresome. She tries most things. Sometimes she likes and sometimes she doesn’t, but the eight-year-old, the senior grand, is very skeptical about anything new. I consider it a triumph when I get her to try something, and she ends up liking it.


I’ve reached that critical point. I can’t stand my hair. I hate to leave my hairdresser, but she just isn’t cutting the mustard. I want something a little more stylish. I’ve had enough of this old-lady hair. I was in the grocery store the other day when I spied a cut I liked. I headed her off at the cheese and lunchmeat section, and asked her where she got her hair cut. It’s a salon that’s only five or ten minutes from my house. Score! So I plan to make an appointment. I have a photo of a cut I like. We’ll see.

It’s time for a total makeover. New hair, weight loss and a few new duds will do the trick. By summer, I should be stylin’!