by Bella Rum

The kids will be here tomorrow. I talked to my son last night. He’s been sick all week. He said he felt much better than he sounded, which was audible but as rough as a rusty washboard and scratchy as athlete’s foot. Yesterday, washboard voice and all, he gave two speeches. I don’t believe he’s contagious. The voice (or lack thereof) is all that remains, but you can bet that I will not drink from his glass. I told him that homemade chicken & rice soup would cure what was left of it. He agreed and asked if I knew where he could get some of that. 🙂

It’s been a busy day. I made deviled eggs and chicken & rice soup this morning. Then I went to the grocery store (s). There are certain things each of them loves, and I always try to get them.

Then to Home Depot to grab a “bolt & gasket” kit for the toilet. Remember that puddle of water on Monday? It wasn’t the seal this time. It was the bolts at the bottom of the tank.

We got a few flakes of snow yesterday. It was pretty on the way down but zero accumulation. My brother called this morning to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day. He said it was 16º there. I don’t know what the temp was here, but it’s usually a few degrees cooler.

We’re expecting lousy weather while the kids are here: rain tomorrow, cold and windy on Sunday. I see Twister, dominos and Parcheesi coming out of the old trunk in the family room. They are high tech kids who love low tech games when they’re with Grandpa and Nona. Playing to the old crowd. Sweet.