Weather, Dream, Question, Brain Pain, Doggie News

by Bella Rum


Today, our low will be -3ºF or “3 below” as we used to say when we were kids. I know those of you who live in frigid climes are not impressed, but that’s a record breaker for us. I’m going nowhere. Home is the best place to be with icy streets and cold temps across the land. In fact, as I write this, I can hear a car sliding on the street in front of our house.


I dreamed about my old neighborhood last night and a couple of the people who lived there. Miss Franny was David’s mother. She lived up the hill from us in a tiny, faux brick house. She was distinguished by her Baltimore accent, Lilliputian  size, gigantic personality, and the fact that she drove an old car (after her husband went to work) even though she did not have a driver’s license. She once gave me a tomato with an odd, little growth to take to my mother, saying, “Tell her it’s a boy.”

I dreamed that David was at my house, and it was dark and very cold. He only had his bike. I woke my mother to tell her that I was going to drive him home, but that I wanted her to be awake when I returned because I was afraid someone would “get” me on the way from the car to the house. About that time, I felt unfamiliar arms going around my back. I woke screaming.


Why didn’t I ask H’s mother for her pound cake recipe. I’m not all that wild about pound cake, but H loves it, and  he loved hers in particular. I must say, you could tell it was made from scratch, and I believe it probably did weigh a pound. It was quite dense. Kind of like me when I don’t get enough sleep. I’m going on a search today. Maybe it’s in the recipe box, or it may be in a small black book in which she wrote some of her recipes.

Brain Pain

I had a hideous headache last night. After I downed a couple of Tylenol, H sat beside me and lightly rubbed my head. What a sweetheart he can be when he isn’t mocking me. He’s adept that. He’s very funny, but I won’t tell him.

Doggie News

The porch doggie has a Mardi Gras costume, beads and all, but it was too cold and icy to go outside to dress him. His Valentine’s outfit is a little worse for wear. The kids partially defrocked him. His heart-shaped glasses are gone, and his heart scarf is drooping around his neck. He looks like a Merle Haggard song.