by Bella Rum



I spent last night taking care of some housekeeping on Bella Rum. I tried to find a way to change the color of the font. This theme (Manifest) used to offer that option. Not so any longer, and I’m not sure it would matter anyway.

I think it’s a browser issue. A couple of you are viewing text that is a lighter color than what I’m seeing, and it doesn’t offer enough contrast, which makes it difficult to read. I’m seeing black letters on a white background, which is fine for me, but I want you to be able to see it without a magnifying glass. I think most people can enlarge the font to a comfortable size on their computers or it’s an option on their browser. So I’m not worried about the size so much.

Back to the browser issue: different browsers can present different appearances. And if that’s the reason for this, I could change skins. I hate to do that because I like the simple presentation of Manifest: no sidebars, straight forward, plain Jane appearance. And here’s another thing. This is the same theme I had on Cul-de-sac. Hmm. Quizzical.

I dont’ think it would help if I bought the option to change the font. I fooled around with the demo last night and was not impressed with any of the fonts. They didn’t appear more visible to me than the default font that I have now, but then again, it already looks fine to me anyway.

I think I could have said all of this with fewer words.

Blog Roll

I cleaned up my blog roll (almost), something I haven’t done for a long time. I deleted a number of blogs that had dead links or were no longer posting. Some of them broke my heart, I hate to see a good writer disappear. I added a few new ones that I love, and I have a few more to add. I’ve found some great blogs over the past year or two. I stopped maintaining my blog roll when I started using the WP Reader. Bad, I know. Even though I added a few new ones, I reduced the total number.


Now my blog won’t recognize me when I’m signed in. It doesn’t show my avatar. Instead, it shows one of those generic icons and makes me fill out a form with my info.

And I thought this would be a simple move.


Have you noticed that the days are getting longer. At 5:00 pm the sun is still in the sky and has a ways to go before it gets to the horizon. Even though we’re supposed to get ice and sleet tonight, spring is out there, just around the corner.