A Good Day

by Bella Rum

IMG_9137It snowed during the night and it’s beautiful. We still had snow on the ground from our last snow. It’s been too cold for it to melt. This just freshened things up. The crocuses will start popping in a few weeks. I have a photo of my mother. She’s kneeling down beside her jonquils that are blooming through the snow. Let me see if I can find it for you. There it is. This photo always reminds me that no matter how hard winter tries to hold on, spring will eventually prevail.


I had a very good day yesterday. I have a lot of those lately. It’s a good, calm time of life. It all ebbs and flows, you know, and it’s flowing right now. No whitecaps, no struggle, only a gentle flow in the right direction. I’m finally smart enough to appreciate it while it’s here.

After their last visit, I realized that I don’t have enough blankets/comforters for the grand trio. I noticed they were using H’s old army blanket,  a rough and scratchy thing, and one of them was using a blanket that the EMTs left on Dad when they brought him home from long-term care. How have I not noticed this? Have you looked at the price of kid’s comforters? I needed three! I looked online and finally decided to go to Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. I wanted three bright colors. I found them at Target: red, blue and green. And they were the right price. They only had one of each left. Done!

On to Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up a couple of things. I wanted to replace my lettuce spinner. My DIL gave it to me a few years ago and I loved it. I broke it trying to spin like H. He does it so fast. I thought I could do the same, but I broke the little thingamagig that you hold when you spin it. BB&B had lots of spinners but not the one I wanted. She found the best design. It collapses down to the size of a pie plate. Nice.

In my travels, I stopped by JCPenny. I didn’t find the comforters there, but they have some really nice curtains. I’m not in the market, but if I ever am…

I found an eye-of-round roast on sale at Martin’s and H cooked it last night. I convinced him to try a new method. Wrong move. The last two or three times he cooked eye-of-round roasts, they were delicious. They are best cooked to medium rare. They have a great taste, but you know how they can be tough and dry if you cook them too much. I found a recipe online, and had to try it. I convinced H. You preheat the oven to 500ºF, put the roast in, lower the temp to 475ºF and cook 7 minutes per pound. Then turn the over off and allow it to stay in the oven without opening the door for another 2 1/2 hours. It was overcooked. Not horrible, but not ideal. My bad.  The leftovers will make great sandwiches with a little horseradish sauce. I’m confident of this.

At least it was on sale.