Snow Pix and Another Boo-Boo

by Bella Rum


That’s my kitchen sink up there. I couldn’t wait any longer for things to start sprouting, so I bought a rosemary plant a few weeks ago. It’s kind of pitiful, but it’s limping along and it’s green. That’s good enough for me.

Porch and Neighbor’s Porch



Boy, was I surprised to see that snow yesterday. I took some pix, but I’m no intrepid reporter. As you can see, I never stepped off the porch.




bird feeders from upstairs window

H’s Spinner

Porch Pup

H shoveled the driveway yesterday, and made a quick run to the grocery store for a few things. We’re into edamame lately. Can’t argue with that for a snack choice. We haven’t been on a full grocery shopping trip for a while, just little pick-ups here and there. I have some beautiful green bell peppers. I’d like to stuff them and eat some and freeze some. I think I’ll put them together before I go out today, and then I’ll only have to put them in the oven tonight. H can do the chopping


I’m embarrassed to tell you this next thing. I cut my doggoned finger yesterday. I promise, I’ve never been one to cut myself. I’ve cooked for over 45 years and have only cut myself a few times. I burn myself on a regular basis, but that’s another story. I’m usually careful with a knife, but this was my bad. I was slicing something, and just as I thought that I shouldn’t be slicing toward my hand, the knife slipped. I couldn’t believe it.

It was my index finger, but at least it was on my left hand this time. It didn’t want to stop bleeding. I had to hold it above my head for about twenty minutes. That warfarin was working like a rented mule. Good to know.  H made a clever little splint so I wouldn’t bend it, and it worked well until I took it off this morning to type this post. It started bleeding again. As soon as I finish doing this, I’ll bandage it up again. A band-aid should work tomorrow.

If this winter lasts much longer, I’ll have nothing to write about besides injuries and food. For two people who are supposed to be dieting, we certainly are preoccupied with food. H said yesterday that he’s antsy. I’m fine being cooped up. I’m easily occupied by the computer or television or a book, but he has to get outside. I told him he’d soon be shoveling mulch instead of snow.

I’ve read a number of melancholy blog posts recently. I think this endless winter has taken a toll. It wears down a person’s resilience. It’s been cold here, but I consider us lucky because we’ve gotten some sunny days. That helps. I open all the blinds on the back of the house, and light pours in all afternoon. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are. We need that. Have a nice weekend.