The Barbecue Run

by Bella Rum

Monday, we drove down to NC for pork barbecue. It was a beautiful day, in the 40s, but the car thermometer made it up to 53º on the way home. It was such a pleasant drive, a pleasant day. We timed it so we would get there for lunch. We had barbecue sandwiches. What else? So good.

We’ve become very companionable. It makes day-trips (and everything else) much more fun. There’s less conflict, fewer things to negotiate, less stress in our lives. At this point, you only have to make sure you take your meds, pay your medical coverage on time and don’t slip in the bathroom. Until that time comes, life moves along at a steady clip.

The barbecue place is a small, counter-type restaurant. You go to the counter, place your order and wait at one of the booths with wooden benches until your order is ready, and then you go get it. They don’t do fancy. They have other things on the menu: burgers, fish sandwiches, country fried steak, catfish dinner, chicken & dumplings, etc. but I think most people get the barbecue.

There’s an area toward the back that has a couple of tables. That’s where the old men – locals – sit and jaw and drink coffee and eat barbecue. There are a couple of grocery store-type refrigerators with glass doors in that area. We reach in and get barbecue that’s sold in quart-size containers. We get two different kinds and mix them together. That’s what they sell on their sandwiches there. Good stuff. If you walk past the refrigerators and the old men, you find yourself in a much larger area that sells trinkets and souvenirs to vacationers on the way home from the Outer Banks. It’s your last chance to buy a t-shirt, fudge, sea shells, key chains, mugs, etc. We never buy anything. We’re there for the barbecue.

I don’t do whimsical. I’m not in touch with that childlike side very often and seldom indulge it. But this little guy appealed to me. He has a little keyhole hanger on the bottom so you can hang him on the wall. I’m going to hang him in the kitchen or the kids’ bathroom.IMG_9241

My grandson will probably like him. If so, my silly frog will find his way on the way home in the car with him. 🙂 If not, he’ll live out his life with me.

A friend came for dinner last night. I made a pot roast and mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, rolls. It was delicious. I’ve started putting wine in my pot roast.