Here, have a Snow Sandwich

by Bella Rum


The deck and porch last night. It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? But its slick as ice because it’s ice! The birds swarmed on those feeders yesterday morning because they knew what was coming.

Oh, yes. We have ice and snow this morning. I can hear the occasional car slowly crunching along on the icy road. It started yesterday around noon with freezing rain and sleet, then changed to sleet and snow, then to snow. Then it went in reverse. Now we have a snow sandwich with ice on the top and bottom. It isn’t that deep but it makes up for it in treacherous beauty!

I plan to go nowhere today! I’m just happy to have power. These are the kind of storms that leave you without lights and heat. I feel lucky.

Our television messed the bed – the new one the kids gave us a few months ago. It was still under warranty. We took it back to the store a couple of weeks ago, and they sent it off to Samsung’s geek squad. The geek squad sent me an email a couple of days ago. They’ve repaired it, and it’s on its way back to the store. I felt bad for the kids because I think they felt bad. It wasn’t their fault. Stuff happens. If it’s delivered to Best Buy today, we will not be trekking down there to get it, not in this mess. I wouldn’t dream of even stepping foot on all of that ice. H will get the mail. He’s the brave one here. Maybe I’ll tie a rope around his waist so I can pull him back if he falls.