H’s Day: Adam, Home Depot, The Mulch Yard

by Bella Rum


It’s a dark and rainy Saturday morning here, a day for reading and hot tea. Yesterday was beautiful. I’ve never seen a happier H. He was practically giddy. He worked in the yard: picking up sticks, raking gum balls, trimming the monkey grass (liriope). He reminded me of a dog marking his territory after this long and isolating winter. He came inside with blood smeared down his jeans (I love him in jeans), his first injury of the season. He’s always getting scraped up.

Adam made his first visit of the season. Adam does all the fertilizing, pesticides, herbicides – basically all the ‘cides’ and everything that’s bad for the environment. I can’t stand thinking about it. H does all the mowing, weeding, trimming and mulching.

H loves Adam. It took him a long time to give up doing all the yard work himself, but he’s crazy about this kid (30 ish). He always goes out and talks grass with him and weeds and bugs and moles and all the pernicious enemies of grass and lawn. I suspect that Adam likes H, too. Sweet kid.

IMG_7188Home Depot

After Adam left, H made a visit to Home Depot for a bag of soil acidifier (sulfur) for the blue hydrangea. Remember when we used to throw a few nails in the hole with the blue ones before we planted them? We already have lime for the pink ones. And he got a couple of rolls of weed barrier for the front beds. He didn’t have to pay for any of this because I overpaid the bill because I forgot about the automatic electronic payment I’d set up. I can hear Dad in my head, “More money than brains.” So true.

After seeing how happy H was yesterday, it made me second guess (yet again) our wish to buy a home in a community that’s responsible for outside maintenance.

The Mulch Yard

After Home Depot, he went to the mulch yard. H loves mulch like some women love jewelry. His retired brother (80) works part time at the mulch yard. I think part of the reason H likes getting mulch is because it gives him an excuse to talk with his brother. Working in the yard, seeing his brother, and living safe in the knowledge that he has a truckload of mulch in the garage makes H’s world right. He can’t put the mulch down today because of the rain, but the first clear day will find him shoveling mulch from the back of his truck with the radio blaring.

H, who seldom likes a rainy day, is practically jumping up and down over this perfect rain immediately after Adam put the fertilizer down. He can’t believe his great, good luck.

Conversation with H

Bella ~ Did you see Tommy at the mulch yard.

H ~ Yes.

Bella ~ How is he?

H~ His ears are getting long.

Bella ~ He’s always had big ears.

H  ~ No, I mean really long!

Bella ~ How long?

H~ (holds fingers up to ear) This long!

Bella ~ How did he ever get those big ears?

H ~ I don’t know, but I’ll never have anything that big!

Bella ~ ……..

Everything’s a competition with men.