All of the Above

by Bella Rum

Pleasant in the Extreme

We’re sitting here in the office with the window open. It’s that warm. And there’s a slight breeze. H played golf today, and I did little. I pulled some stuffed peppers out of the freezer – extras that I froze the last time I made them. They were good the first time, and they will be good tonight. That counts for work, doesn’t it. I also cleaned the bathroom sinks.

Yesterday’s day-trip was fun and what a beautiful day. We drove home with the windows down and the sun roof open. It’s spirit-lifting to let a little air in after such a long winter.

Slightly Spiky but Not So Bad

Our Realtor called a few minutes ago, “Just wanted to touch base.” Really? There’s nothing to touch base about, no reason to catch up. For over a month, there have been zero suitable listings in our price range. I’m beginning to think that we are going to have to accept the facts, and decide whether to put a first floor bedroom in this house or begin searching in other locations. H leans one way and I lean the other, but neither of us is rooted in concrete about this.

Not a Big Deal

Last night, we received a phone call from Mary Anne, our homeowner’s insurance agent. They will no longer offer residential coverage, only commercial. She said that we would be covered until July 1. The company taking over that part of their policies may or may not continue to insure us. It doesn’t rally matter. We’ve been thinking of changing anyway. I believe that we can find it for less. Research coming up.


I found some cute clothes for the grands at the outlets, and H found some t-shirts at Nautica, the same ones he’s worn for years and same place he’s gotten them for years. He didn’t try them on until he got home because…. well… he’s worn them for years and knew his size. When he did try them on, he didn’t like them as well as his older ones. The cut wasn’t quite as ample, and the sleeves were shorter. and so was the length. The entire shirt was not as generous as last year’s shirts. He’s lost eight pounds since last summer, so it wasn’t that. He looked at the tags. The ones from last year were made in Egypt and the new ones are from India. I have no idea, but H always has a theory. He’s a person who looks for explanations, I’m a person who accepts things as they are…. after I’ve griped for awhile. They will be returned on our next visit.