Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Mental Decline In Early Study

by Bella Rum

91f21ba09b888b046ae1e0f3937155b92e7141eb“It’s a bigger treatment effect than we had hoped for,” said the researchers. (Photo: Getty Images)

When I opened my email this morning, I found the link to this article about the potential for a new treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

An experimental drug from Biogen Idec became the first Alzheimer’s treatment to significantly slow cognitive decline and reduce what is believed to be brain-destroying plaque in patients with early and mild forms of the disease…

Source: Yahoo Health

Talk about good news for oldies. When H got up, I mentioned it to him.

Bella ~ I read an article that claims to have found a potentially successful treatment for mild Alzheimer’s Disease. It slows its progress.

H ~ Yeah?

Bella ~ Yeah.

twenty minutes later

Bella ~ Hey, did I mention this new treatment for Alzheimer’s?

H ~ …

Some of us are happier about this study than others.