Another Look-See and Coverage

by Bella Rum

Conch House with Red Door

Conch House with Red Door: Peter Vey

We’re looking at another house today. It’s the first one in a while. I’m hopeful. It’s a rancher. We rode by it yesterday, and it’s pretty from the outside: smaller than our present house, brick, small yard, backs up to a horse farm/stables, overlooks a huge pasture, a few trees in the backyard. It’s in one of the communities we liked when we first moved back from MD in 2002, but there was nothing available at that time. It’s a small neighborhood. It has mostly ranchers, and I think a lot of people our age live there. It’s in another cul-de-sac. If we buy it, maybe I’ll change the name of this blog to Cul-de-sac Chronicles. Where have I heard that before?

I will be eligible for Medicare as of May 1. This prompted a two-hour phone call with an employee of a company that H’s former employer hired to facilitate the process of getting supplemental insurance when company retirees are ready to go on Medicare – explaining options, benefits, navigating the murky waters of insurance-ese, etc.  It was helpful.

My last eye injection costs $300.00. I was supposed to get another one in April, but I asked them to push it into May. The supplemental should cover what Medicare does not. I have some pretty costly health issues, so this will help. It took a while to whittle down the bills from that hospitalization a couple of years ago – $7000. Between my problems and H’s teeth, we are a sorry lot. I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

So that’s what’s happening around here, all boring but important.