The House

by Bella Rum

We made an offer on the house. It’s almost perfect except for one thing. Isn’t there always one blemish on a nearly perfect thing? That should be cross stitched on a pillow.

The floor plan is perfection: master bedroom at one end, living area in the center and two smaller Jack & Jill bedrooms at the other end for guests, and I can’t forget the location. The location is perfect: close to stores we frequent, our doctors and the hospital. The kitchen is not ideal. Not by any stretch of the imagination. All the appliances convey, but they are a motley crew: white fridge, black oven, microwave and dishwasher. The cabinets are not stellar, but I can live with them. The counters must go. They will hit the dust if we get that house, and the appliances will be replaced one at a time most likely. They are original to the house and will start breaking soon.

Around here, old people scarf up one-story housing like toddlers scarf up Goldfish, and they leave them one way and one way only, feet first. One assumes  that one is buying the house from the heirs. I’m always curious if the person died in the house. Not that it bothers me. I’m just curious.

I noticed a walker in the utility room. I don’t know if it was hers or his, but I’ve seen walkers in several houses since we started looking at houses. That tells you how few ranchers we have around here. If it’s a rancher, you can bet that an older person is living in it. When one goes on the market, we swarm over them, dive down and scrap over them until someone emerges the victor.

The history of this house includes two couples. An elderly couple bought it when it was first built in 2000 and lived there for only two years. I don’t know what their story is.

The second couple bought the house in 2002 and stayed there until recently. The husband died, and the wife went to live with her son. Her son and his wife made the upstairs of their house into an apartment for her: kitchen, an en suit, sitting area, and a lift so she can get up and down the stairs. Pretty nice. She left the house vacant for awhile so she could make sure she liked living with her son. Very smart.

The owner received our contract yesterday, but said that she wanted to wait for her kids to see it before she made a decision. If this takes too long, someone else will put in an offer. I know it. This house only went on the market yesterday. After we made the offer, our agent called to tell us that another couple had looked at it already, and three more were lined up to look today, and I’m sure there will be more by later this morning. I hate bidding wars. Whatever will be, will be. That should be on a pillow, too. Probably is.