Look What We’ve Gone and Done

by Bella Rum

No need to bury the lead. We got the house! The only reason we got it was because we were the first ones to see it. There were several people who wanted to see it yesterday, but we worked things out before that could happen. Thank goodness. I had visions of a nasty bidding war, and who needs that.

By the way, that house with the fatal flaw of a steep driveway sold five days after we decided not to get it, and the other one we looked at that day sold two hours after we looked at it.

We’ve looked at houses for about a year and a half. We looked at anything that came close to meeting our needs if it had a first-floor bedroom. Our only exclusions were houses on railroad tracks, interstates, flood zones or known vampire, witches and zombie hangouts.

Do you know how many houses we looked at in all that time? Eight. To be fair, that does not include one 55+ community that we looked at on our own. That is pitiful. When we moved to MD, we looked at three times that many houses in only a few weeks. My guess is that in fifteen years there will be greater availability of one-story living. Half of the boomers will be in nursing homes, and the other half will be in urns… or underground.

We’re both excited. I woke at 2:30 with a headache, and couldn’t stop thinking about where I would hang that picture, where I would place that sideboard. Big changes up ahead.