Home Inspection

by Bella Rum

Here I am again. In the middle of the night.

The process has begun. Yesterday, we did the home inspection. Was that fast? When we bought this house, I don’t remember it being so soon after our offer was accepted. We met at the new house with home inspector Chris and our Realtor. There were no major problems with the house. He did miss a couple of things that H found. That didn’t build confidence. Other than that, there were only a couple of little issues with the house (that he found) that we won’t even quibble about: the light on the stove, a drippy kitchen faucet, a window that needs caulking.

There will not be much maintenance on the outside of the new house. It’s all brick and does not have a deck or porch. I love the porch on this house, but I’m not sorry to leave the maintenance behind. I’m ready for a simple, low-maintenance patio. I took this photo yesterday. It was a gray and rainy day.IMG_9338

H will have to level it a bit. No problem. After that, it shouldn’t require much of anything. That’s the ranch behind the fence. It’s an open pasture. It looks like I’m living on Little House on the Prairie,” doesn’t it? I hope horses wander by occasionally.

It’s been thirteen years since we bought a house. So much of the paperwork can be done on the computer. Instead of signing documents in person, we authentisign them on the computer. It speeds things along.

I hope the home inspection on this house goes as smoothly. I hope a guy like Chris does it. If that happens, we’ll only have to replace a washer in the kitchen faucet and a cracked window pane in the guest bedroom. You know we have terrible luck with real estate sales. We’ve had a couple of true-life horror stories. If I ever write a thriller, a realtor and a home inspector will be the victims. I’m hoping this time will be a breeze, or at least reasonable. No divorcée sellers who throw the lockbox in the middle of the yard and declare they’ve decided not to sell, or ex husbands who cannot be found to sign on the dotted line at closing time, or home inspectors who claim that my house is listing. All of that and so much more happened when we made our last move. I wish I’d had a blog back then. That was some golden content.

For odd news in the cul-de-sac, we have the phantom garbage bag mystery. H put our trash can at the curb. It was full, but we had no extra bags that wouldn’t fit. When we left for the home inspection, he noticed that someone had opened the lid and placed a huge bag of trash on top. The lid was wide open, and there was another bag of trash on the ground beside it. H said that when he put our trash bin out, he noticed that a neighbor had a ton of bags. The sanitation workers will only take a couple of bags, so H assumed that the neighbor had put them in our bin. When H went out to retrieve the trash can, he noticed that the bags had been removed and thrown up and almost under the neighbor’s car. He thinks the sanitation workers did it. The neighbors will probably think we did it. These are fairly new neighbors that we don’t know at all.

The grands are coming this morning. H’s birthday was yesterday and we’ll celebrate tonight.