Grand Times in the Cul-de-sac

by Bella Rum


Baby Chick Deviled Eggs with Carrot Beaks and Black Olive Eyes.

As you can see, I was not very particular about making the eyes the same size. They look slightly demented, but in-the-ball-park was good enough. The Grand Trio liked them. The Baby Grand said, “Little chick, I’m sorry to eat you.”

I noticed at one point that the Baby Grand was wearing the Porch Pup’s rabbit ears. 🙂 He usually loses some of his costume while they’re here. They crack me up. I just wish I could have gotten a photo, but she pulled them off when she saw the camera. Like a true star, it’s in the contract that she only gives a photo op once she’s given permission. She views me as the Paparazzi.

In the comments, someone asked if there was room for the Porch Pup at the new house. It’s a smaller space at the front door, but I think he’ll fit. Otherwise, he’ll have to sit in the flowerbed next to the front steps, not the backyard. He must have his adoring public. Unlike the Baby Grand, he poses of pix as often as possible. He’s started to get his due in this neighborhood. The neighbors have started commenting on his attire around the holidays.

The Senior Grand had to do a school project. She had to choose a state and write about why they would like to visit it and give fun facts about it. She was less than thrilled about doing it. I’m so impressed with how my DIL and son handle these situations. They double team it. My DIL is persistent and more patient than I remember being. When the Senior Grand finally finished the project, she brought it downstairs to show it to us. It was great! More importantly, she was proud of herself. You can see it in the photos. That’s the stuff that builds self-esteem – accomplishment.



I always notice changes in my grands. I’m sure it’s because I don’t see them everyday. The Grand Boy (7) has a sweetness about him, and he seems like such a big man lately. So grown up. He’s an empathetic boy. It was the same with my brother. He was always more respectful of my mother than us girls. We all had our hormonal temperaments when we were teens. Teen girls can be awful to their mothers, but my brother would do things for her, bring her gifts that he bought with money he had earned from catching crabs and selling them. He never sassed her. Never. There was a sweetness in their relationship, and he still gets emotional when talking about her.

That’s it. Y’all make some of those eggs for your grands. They’ll like ’em.