The Big Shove Begins

by Bella Rum

We were pooped when the kids left. I slept for almost two hours, and I still slept well last night. H went outside to spread mulch. He’s almost finished. He only needs to spread a little around a couple of trees in the back yard. It looks beautiful. Then he crashed for an hour. We ate leftovers for dinner.

We have a large attic. When a couple of friends realized we had all that extra storage, they asked us to store a couple of beds, a fan and a couple of other things. Thirteen years later, those items are still there. We will have to return them this week. The attic is not in bad shape. We are reaping the benefits of all that purging we did over the past couple of years. This house has tons of storage. The new one has some storage, but nothing to match this house… which is probably good. We don’t need any encouragement to start accumulating things again.

It rained almost everyday for over a week. H shoveled mulch between rain storms. This morning is no different. Still raining. We’re going to clean and declutter inside today. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful so we’ll work outside.

I’m very happy, but anxiety comes and goes. I make up things to worry about, like what if the owners of the ranch decide to sell to someone who wants to build a shopping center or a racetrack (for cars or four wheelers). Really? It isn’t even zoned for that. I haven’t been in this crazy, unproductive mode for a long time, but there’s only a hairy moment here and there, kind of like scattered showers – they erupt sporadicly, but the rest of the day is sunny. Most of the time I’m happy, relieved and grateful that we found something we like so much. I guess what I’m saying is that I haven’t gone completely around the bend. I’m still a logical person, but I do have my moments because that’s how I roll.

I will never move again!