Cleaning, Stashing, Scratchy

by Bella Rum

Yesterday morning, I cleaned the guest room and the kids’ room, and did several loads of laundry. The theory being that those two rooms will stay clean because they are not used. The kitchen and bedroom and computer room will never stay clean. Man must eat, drink, sleep and surf.

In the afternoon, we went to the bank to get a short-term loan. That went smoothly, but as I sat there, I felt a little twinge in my throat, a tiny, bitty scratchy feeling. As slight and innocent as it seemed, I knew immediately that I was in for a sore throat at the very least. As we drove home, with each swallow, it felt worse. By last night, it felt as if I’d swallowed bits of cut glass. I’m not 100% sure which grand gave it to me, but I have my suspicions. It was one of the girls. Senior Grand was sick on Sunday and the Baby Grand had a few drippy orifices. They double-teamed me. As long as it doesn’t go to my lungs, I can deal with it.

Today, I will work on the bathrooms and possibly do a little touch-up job on the deck bench and the railing. It’s supposed to be beautiful today – seventies and sunny. We’ve devised a plan for stashing anything that even hints of human inhabitancy. All personal toiletries in the bathroom will go into a plastic box and into a closet. In the office, all wires, hand cream, note books, papers, bills will be stashed in a drawer. The dryer and washer also make good places to toss offending items. 🙂

The Realtor was suppose to take photos tomorrow, and put it in the system, but we cannot be ready before Thursday. Maybe Friday. We are hustlers, but we are not kids anymore. So Thursday it will be.