Slow but Steady

by Bella Rum

tortoise-hare-600It feels cold in here this morning, or maybe it’s just me. I’ve been cold for weeks. I don’t know why, but I can’t ever seem to get warm in springtime. It’s something about the humidity and rain combined with those 40, 50 or 60-something temps. I get colder than I do in winter when the temps are much lower.

I’m still sick. I was hoping my throat would feel better today. We’ve decided to wait until Monday to put the house on the market. This decision immediately lifted the pressure I was feeling.

We’re making slow but steady progress. Every project takes more time than I imagine in my clever mind. Clever in that it makes every task seem like it will be fast and easy… until I get embroiled in it. Samantha had the right tool. Wiggle that nose and everything is transformed. Daren was none the wiser… except when he was.

Nothing is simple. I see brushes and lipsticks and lotions in containers on a bathroom counter, and I think, That will only take a minute. Then I realize that I have to clean out a drawer to make space for them. That means decisions have to be made about every single item I touch. I keep telling myself, make that decision now. Is it worth moving or not? And where did all that gunk and hair and general grossness in the corners of the drawers come from? Have I been living with that?

Little questions keep popping into mind. Is there a linen closet in the new house? I couldn’t remember where the window was in one of the guests bedrooms or how many windows there were. Thankfully, I took photos.

I wonder what my neighbor will be like. Will we drink coffee together. Will we talk over the fence about hydrangeas and new curtains?

Yesterday, I painted the bench and railing on the deck for the last time. I like painting, but I will not miss having to do that every spring. It will not hold the paint. It pops off during the winter. It wasn’t too bad this year because I painted it last fall, figuring that it would make it through the winter with less damage if I did. I was right. So it was a quick job.

H will get on a ladder today and wash the big window in the master bath. It’s a nice and big window, but very dirty. I hate it when he has to do anything up there. And that’s another thing to like about a one-story house: less chance of broken bones.

I’ve lost fifteen pounds since January 6. Slow but steady wins the race.