by Bella Rum

About six months ago, my neighbor told us that she was getting a Realtors license. She didn’t know we were looking for a house at that time. H explained to her that we’d been with our Realtor for some time. I still felt bad. I’m not close to my neighbor, but I like her very much. Yesterday, when I was cleaning the porch, she came out onto her porch, and we talked. She cautioned me not to let our Realtor price our house to low, that house sales are picking up, and that a lot of Realtors like to price the houses low so they will sell quickly. I’m so tired of being on guard. Sad to say, it’s the same as when you become ill, if  you don’t have someone looking our for you, you have to be your own advocate. Every man for himself.

I worked in the kitchen yesterday. I got everything off the counters except one container of utensils and my knives, and I also left the coffeemaker and toaster on a small section of counter that’s beside the fridge – almost hidden. I wonder if they will make me move them when they take the photos? I’m going to send her some of my own photos of the outside of the house because I think the yard was beautiful when I took them.

H worked outside. He edged the yard, tried to straighten that awful garage and washed the upstairs bathroom window.

  All of those trees behind him will be beautiful in three weeks.IMG_9372  Everything looks dead at the moment, but in three weeks, the front yard should look like this… hopefully. The azaleas usually bloom the third week in April. I haven’t decided if I’m going to get three ferns or not. Yesterday, I washed all that railing – well, the big, square posts and the top of the railing. It always needs it when winter finally gives up – mildew.IMG_6576

I think my sore throat is trying to improve. It’s still there, but improving.