More Cleaning

by Bella Rum

I thought I was over the hump with the sore throat, but now it’s gone to my lungs, and I’m worse than ever. Just what I was afraid of. I’m going to try to get an appointment with my doctor today. I’m so afraid of anything that happens in my lungs. It never ends well. My last ER visit costs $400. I was hoping to avoid all things hospital until May 1. That’s when I go on Medicare. As for medications, I have to pay $200 each for my puffers until my deductible ($2,600) is met. After Medicare, I’ll get bargain basement prices. That’s quite a birthday present.

Yesterday, I cleaned the living and dining room. I washed the windows in the dining room. When I raised the windows, I could not believe the disgusting dirt on the windowsills. Seeds could have germinated in it. I don’t think I’ve ever raised that window in there. I wish I’d taken a photo. You would have appreciated my dirt.

Most properties in our community are on the market about a month to a month and a half. Of course, that’s changing as I write this. Things are beginning to sell a little faster, I think… I hope. It’s spring! Pricing it correctly is key.

I found three huge and gorgeous ferns. H will probably pot them for me today. We will leave them here for the buyers. We have no place for them at the new house. When we originally looked at this house, the porch sold me. I loved it, but it’s been an ongoing maintenance issue.

Today, I plan to pull everything together downstairs. It’s almost there. Yesterday, H washed the siding under the porch. It gets dusty, but it washes off easily. He finished edging the yard. He started it the day before but the trimmer overheated. It started fine yesterday. Things are coming together.

Aunt Ruby called twice this week and left a message. Yesterday, I called her back. I usually have to block out an hour to have a conversation with her, but I told her at the beginning that I couldn’t talk long. She took a deep breath and started. Her adult grandson lives with her, and she is appalled at what he eats. I believe she listed every single thing the kid eats: almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, kiwi juice, yogurt, etc. She said he gives her a hard time about what she eats. I told her to tell him that she’s eighty-six, all brain cells are clicking and she’s still working. I doubt any of that will be true for him no matter how much kiwi juice he drinks. As soon as I told her we’d bought a house, she wanted to know if I was moving back home… near her. No matter how old we get, it’s always nice when someone still wants you near them. She’s the last one standing in our family, the last one of Dad’s generation. I love her and her crazy quirks.

I had to ask her three times to let me go. “Oh, sure… as soon as I tell you this last thing.”


I’m trying to visit all of you, but I may not always appear in the comment section for awhile.