lounging and advising

by Bella Rum

IMG_9383I fell asleep at 9:00 last night and woke at 12:30, and here I am.

Yesterday, I made like a slug all day, parking myself on the sofa with a mug of ginger ale, a glass of Emergen-C and the remote. Even still, I was exhausted last night and couldn’t stay awake.

While I lounged like a princess, H worked all day. I did clean the downstairs bathroom and cleared the kitchen table of mail, catalogues, a tape dispenser, a screwdriver, and other household debris. I’m trying to think of one other thing I did, but nope. That was it.

I think I got in H’s hair with all my verbal contributions. When I can’t ‘do’, I tend to participate verbally. While he felt bad for me, he was not fond of my occasional (only when he walked by the sofa) and very wise suggestions about how best to proceed. I cannot prove it, but I believe he hid in various parts of the house, the garage and outside to prevent any opportunity to ‘engage’ with me. I was sick after all.

He repotted the ferns. They are beautiful. I had planned to leave them for the buyers, but after seeing them in their pots, I think I may keep them. I love them. I could place them around the patio on old, upside down clay pots – make them varying heights. And I also have a plant stand. It might be nice. I think it’s shady back there.

I’m still sick, but opted to forego a visit to my doctor. I felt a little better when I stopped trying to do everything. I was worried yesterday morning, but as the day progressed I started thinking that this will go away on its own because I don’t seem to be getting worse. Hopefully, I will turn a corner soon.

The Realtor comes to take photos on Monday. I have to feel better before I start getting out of bed for strangers to view my house. My last Realtor told me that she was showing a foreclosure house to a client. Imagine her surprise when she opened a bedroom door, and a man was still in the bed. He opted to stay there and allowed them to play through. Can you imagine how depressed he must have been to do that? Or something? I thought foreclosure houses were vacated before they were shown to buyers. I don’t know how that works.

A huge, dead limb fell in the front yard. A woodpecker had made a home in it. I don’t know about that tree. I don’t know if it will leaf out or not, or if we should take it down. We love a treed lot, but we’ve had to deal with a number of trees over the years. They are living things, and they have issues just like the rest of us. Maybe it only needs a day on the sofa with ginger ale, Emergen-C and the remote.