Finishing Touches

by Bella Rum

IMG_9389One of my neighbors told H that she liked our rabbit. I’m not sure if she was joking or if she doesn’t realize it’s only a pup dressed like a rabbit.. Either way, she likes him.

I’m feeling better. I’m so pleased that this bug is going away on its own. I didn’t take anything for it other than Emergen-C, which probably only makes me think I’m helping. By the time you catch something, it’s probably too late for Emergen-C.

Things are coming together around here. It’s taken so long because we’re purging as we go, and making trips to Goodwill and the dump as needed. I have several pieces of furniture I need to sell: huge wardrobe, camelback sofa, butler’s tray coffee table, dining room set. I told you we were downsizing. I haven’t decided how I want to go about getting rid of all this stuff. A friend in Maryland did it through an auctioneer when she downsized. She didn’t want to deal with tire kickers in her house, so they came to the house and took her stuff away. I’d love for it to be that easy. I’ll have to do some research. The wardrobe has to be dismantled to move it. It’s quite a job. I don’t want to sell any of it until after the house sells. No need to have big vacant places where furniture once was.

The Realtor will take photos tomorrow, and the house will go in the system tomorrow afternoon. The trees are beginning to leaf out, the grass is turning green, and the azaleas should bloom soon. Our house and yard look their best in April. I guess that’s true for everyone. It’s a beautiful time of year.

IMG_9388I hope all of you have a happy day with friends and family. I’ll be here, kicking the rest of this bug out of my system and finishing up all the little touches on the house, and that’s good. It’s where I want and need to be today. There’s something to say for that.