Mid-Night Missives

by Bella Rum


Since we started this process, I’ve written all of my posts in the middle of the night. That’s when I have the time, and I’m awake. So why not?

Yesterday, was a busy day. It started with a call from Marlene at 8:00 am. She wanted to come over and take more photos. The carpet cleaner arrived at 8:45 to clean the stairs and hallway. We had all of the carpets cleaned last year. With the exception of the stairs, they all still look fine. The carpet guy left at 9:30 am, and our Realtor arrived at 9:35 to get a few more shots.

Then we ran a few errands and bought a mirror to replace the mirror in the .5 bath downstairs. I want to keep that mirror, so we changed it out. Having been up since 3:30 am, I grabbed some lunch and stretched out on the sofa. Just as I dozed off, the phone rang. It was our Realtor. Someone wanted to see the house at 4:30 pm. Of course, we’d done some normal living since Monday, so I had to do some dishes, sweep the kitchen floor, etc. It wasn’t too bad, but it was enough to steal my nap.

Then we went to Sam’s because we had to get out of the house. By dinner, I was one pitiful pup. H, my hero, cooked dinner: eye of round roast, red potatoes and broccoli. Yummo! Then we cleaned up the kitchen, climbed the clean stairs and poured ourselves into bed. By then it was about 9:00. For the second night in a row, we tried to watch Madam Secretary, but I fell asleep before the first scene could play out. I was a bucket of Jell-O. A spineless amoeba. Dead to the world until 3:30 am.

Feedback on the house.

A couple with a pocketful of cash looked at the house. They had just sold their house. Their Realtor told Marlene that they loved it, raved about it, and claimed that they would have written a contract on the spot BUT for the corner lot. Well, I can’t change that. They probably had kids and were worried about traffic even though there’s little traffic. It’s a quiet street. Maybe they were worried about privacy. When the trees leaf out, it is a very private backyard, but that hasn’t happened yet. It will feel completely different in another week or two. Or maybe they didn’t like the idea of the extra maintenance. Who knows?

Two more couples are looking at it today, one at 9:30 am and one at 1:30 pm.

Last Night’s Dream

I was looking at a house with my son. There was a pretty girl in the house who was selling doves. My son bought one for me. Martha Stewart helped us choose the dove. Then Martha and the girl were gone, and we were looking at the house again. My son wanted to spend the night in the house, but I felt bad vibes and wanted to leave. He insisted. Then he told me that he was going to leave his wife, that he was having an affair with a beautiful blond soap star. I was devastated and angry with him and worried about The Grand Trio. By now, I had very strong feelings about leaving the house, but he wanted to stay. The house began to shake. There were bad spirits in the house. We ran for the door. We made it outside, and we were safe, but he ran back in with a vacuum cleaner, shouting that he had forgotten to vacuum the living room carpet. When he was inside, a huge human skull appeared in the sky. I woke screaming.