by Bella Rum

sold-sign2The interested buyers made an offer yesterday morning. We countered immediately and they accepted. Done! They are a young couple with a little boy. That’s a bonus. Mason lives across the street. He’s three-years-old and is a very busy fellow. He loves trucks and tools and anything to do with moving dirt around or building things. He’s adorable and will be happy to have a buddy across the street.

This house is perfect for a young couple with a growing baby, and this neighborhood is a great place to raise kids. There are tons of them here, and there’s a pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground, etc. Every time the community association makes improvements, it’s about the kids. I’m happy for them and for us.

We will close on our new house a week before we have to close on this one. So we’ll have seven days to move. That’s a hell of a lot better than one day, which is what we had in MD. I’m not up for that anymore. It takes me longer than that to put my socks on, let alone move them to a new location.

We still have a lot to do, but it was great to lie back and prop our feet up last night instead of having to leave the house for two hours so buyers could view it. And now we can leave the sponge in the sink or the utensils on the counter. I’m so glad that part is over. We still have a lot of phone calls to make and organizing to do. We still have to get an auctioneer in here, decide how we want to move to the new house and arrange it, get insurance on the new house, get the termite inspections, and a number of other things.

I think we need to hire someone to move us. H is considering getting a pod and doing the move with my son and maybe my nephew or hiring a couple of guys. I want him to hire someone and direct the traffic, but I know he will be involved. It was 98º the day we moved into this house, and he kept pace with the young, incredibly strong movers. One of them came to me and said, “I don’t know about Mr. H. He’s something.” Yep. He’s something alright, and I’d like to keep him.

I am so glad this is my last move and last real estate deal. It’s a stressful event, no matter how well it goes, and this has gone pretty smoothly so far. It hasn’t even approached the level of horror that was our last move. It has been exhausting at times, but that’s because we aren’t as young as we were during the last move. But we’re okay. Each thing that’s stressful seems to get resolved  just about when we’ve had enough of it. And we’re together. This has to be more difficult when you’re the only one making all the decisions and doing all the work.

I was a handful during the MD move. I don’t know how H tolerated me. Of course, he had his moments, too. It was tough. We had to deal with two crazy people, the wife of the couple who bought our house in MD, and the woman who sold us this house. Neither of them were stable. One of them had some kind of compulsive disorder and God knows what else was going on with her. The other one was simply at a low point in her life, vulnerable and afraid of her future. That made her more volatile than the average stressed person in that situation. It made even the simple things difficult. I know we’ll run into annoying things, but I’m hopeful that it will be normal things: time issues, someone dropping the ball. Things like that, not the seller throwing the lockbox across the yard and refusing entrance to the house we just bought.

The seller of our new house is an elderly woman. She and her son have been reasonable so far. I can’t imagine her going berserk. Everyone involved made their decisions and everyone seems okay with what was agreed to. So far. So good.

Now, if the home inspector on this house doesn’t try to nail us to the wall, all will be well with the world. There are a few things that he will find. They always find something, but hopefully it will not be anything that will squelch the deal. I do know that the new buyers will have to reroof in a couple of years, but the roof is not compromised at this point. I don’t think that’s anything we can be held accountable for. We’ll have to keep the house somewhat clean until the inspection is over, but not June Cleaver clean.

We’ve done some packing already, but we’ll  start in earnest soon. Today will be about exercise (neither of us has exercised since this started), phone calls, research into homeowner’s insurance, etc. I will unplug the phone this afternoon and we’ll take a bona fide nap. Well, H will. I’ll certainly give it my all.