Packing, Scheduling, and My Poor, Pitiful, Big Mac

by Bella Rum

My iMac died this morning. Last night, it showed signs of distress, refusing to fire up once. When I went into the office this morning and tried to turn it on, there was no response. I tried several more times. I could hear it running, but the monitor remained black. We will take it to the Mac store, but I’m afraid it’s gone to Mac Heaven. I’m using the iPad now.

It felt good to stay home yesterday and do a little packing and scheduling. H set up an appointment with two movers for estimates, talked to Debbie at the bank, and talked with a couple of auctioneers. He found one that has auctions every Thursday. We will send them photos of our pieces. Hopefully they will want our stuff.

I packed a few things. In the process, I found more stuff to purge. So we made a trip to Goodwill, and then hopped over to Home Depot for more boxes and stopped by the grocery store for some salad fixings.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that we purged on a regular basis over the past two years. I’m even going to give up my mother’s punch bowl. I’ve only used it once when I gave a  friend’s daughter a shower. It is pretty, but who will ever use it? There are pull-down stairs to the attic storage at the new house. Someday, my son and DIL will have to remove every single thing we stash up there.

II did all the packing for our last move. H had a million other things to do, but he will help me this time. I like to do the packing myself. Then I know what’s what. Know what I mean? It also feels good to pack your own stuff. It’s productive and forward-moving. It’s good.

Our across-the-street neighbors told H that he couldn’t leave the neighborhood without telling them his secret to beautiful grass. He told them, “Adam.”

Yesterday, when Adam came to service the yard, H asked him if he would be able to take care of our new yard. He said that our new house is still in his territory and that we should request him. Adam always writes a note about what he did to the yard and usually a few tips on the info sheet. He leaves it on the doorknob. Yesterday, he wrote a nice note about looking forward to servicing our new yard. With all the change, even though it’s good change, a little continuity is nice. Our bill should be less, too. The new yard is much smaller. It really needs some help. The house has been vacant for over a year.

That’s all there is to tell. Today is Saturday. We have nothing that we have to do. I can hardly believe it. I know we’re in the eye of th storm. The dreaded home inspection is next. The one on our last house was a disaster. This one has to be better.