Working the List

by Bella Rum

Yesterday, I packed a few boxes. Like painting, there’s something soothing about it, and rewarding. It’s satisfying to see a roomful of packed boxes, to watch those boxes accumulate. I try to do a few each day. We’ve made two or three more trips to Goodwill since I last posted. I don’t think there will be many more trips. I cannot tell you how glad I am that we started this process over a year ago. There’s hardly anything left in the attic. We still have plenty of stuff, but it does  not even begin to approach what we had the last time we moved.

In the morning, while H prepared for another trip to Goodwill, I packed boxes. Then Marlene met us at the new house. We took measurements and checked the gas fireplace and the lamppost that didn’t work during the home inspection. They both work now. After that, we made a trip to Goodwill. A mover came at 3:00pm to give us an estimate (He used the word awesome at least fifty times. I stopped counting at 25). We have another appointment with another mover next week, and Marlene gave us the name of a local guy that she likes. She said his price would be lower. We left a message, but he hasn’t called back yet.

We contacted an antiques dealer. We sent him photos of our furniture. He’s interested and will move the furniture for us next week. That was a good one to scratch off our list.

We decided to move up the closing date on the new house. We hope to get someone in there  to sand and refinish the hardwoods. And while they’re at it, I’d like a darker stain. It would be great to get that done before we move in. And… H and I have come to a compromise about hiring the move. He agreed to hire someone to move our furniture and boxes, but he will move his garage. He has a lot of antique tools and would rather move them himself. Moving the closing date will give us plenty of time to do all of this. We cannot do this in a rush. We’re still a good team when it comes to this kind of thing, but we’ve lost that willingness to kill ourselves to save a few bucks. I don’t even want to tell you how crazy we were on our last move. Never again!

The termite inspection on this house is tomorrow at two o’clock, and the home inspection is Monday. I’ll be glad when that is over and we have the results. The home inspection is when the new buyers get a taste of reality. That gorgeous home they just bought will need a new roof in a couple of years, there’s a dead tree in the front yard and a cracked window in the guest room. Reality really does bite.

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and lab work after. And I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Friday. Life must go on… even during a move.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have to order a new Mac today. I can’t believe I haven’t already done that. I hope it will be as good to me as my old one was.