Silliness and More Packing

by Bella Rum

Yesterday, H dropped me off at the salon. He needed a few things from  a nearby store. So he did that while I got my hair cut. I finished before he did. It was a beautiful day, and I decided to strike out in the direction of the store. I could get a little exercise, and I would see him on the way. So I threw my purse over my shoulder and chose my fate. I walked halfway there, and then it occurred to me that he could have returned to the salon by a different route. Not the route I would have chosen, but you never know. I walked all the way back. He still was not there. I sat on a bench in the parking lot across from the salon. After awhile, it occurred to me that he could have returned while I sat on the bench and parked just around the corner. I walked about twelve feet, peeked around the corner of the library, and there he was… waiting patiently for me. It was like one of those silly, old movies. We are so different. If I choose salt, he chooses pepper. If I’m cold, he’s hot. Why would I ever think that he would choose the same route or park in the same place that I would?

After we returned home, H mowed the lawn while I packed. We found these great dish packs that have dividers in them. We didn’t find those on our last move. The glasses fit nicely in them. I’ve used a  number of the small (book boxes) and medium boxes for heavy things. I hate to pack super heavy boxes. It’s so hard on the movers. I put clothing, sheets, towels, etc. in the large boxes, and I only use a few of the extra-large boxes for pillows, wreaths and other things that are large but not too heavy. You know I can’t function without a system. We bought a couple of the wardrobe boxes so we can hang a few things.

I have to try to get the house back in order now. The home inspection is Monday morning at 9:00 am. Boxes and packing paper are everywhere. The desk is covered in papers, the kitchen table and island are scattered with a variety of things and every floor needs vacuuming. H has a doctor’s appointment at the same time as the inspection. So we would have to leave the house anyway. That worked well.

That’s it. Packing and cleaning. Nothing exciting happening at the moment, and maybe that’s good. I’ll be glad when the home inspection is over. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we had a nightmare of a home inspection in MD. The inspector saw a crinkle in the siding where I had backed into the side of the garage door, and he claimed that it was crinkling because the entire house was listing. We tried to tell them it was where I hit the garage door, but they would not believe us. He also claimed that the chimney was falling down, and that the garage was sinking because he saw a crack in the floor. Our water heater was fine on the morning of the inspection, but started leaking during the inspection. Really? We had to bring in engineers for the “listing” problem, and a professional to check the chimney. Of course, we had to buy a new water heater. So you can see why I’m gun-shy about home inspections.