A Break From The List

by Bella Rum


H and I were both a little off our game yesterday. I started out full of energy and intent, but it soon evaporated and was replaced with mind-numbing lethargy. I managed a long conversation with a friend, and then lying around like a wet dishcloth the rest of the day and reading my book. H was even worse. Usually determined and intent on accomplishing something that will further our move, he spent the day involved in several phone calls that were interspersed with several half-hour naps. I fell asleep at 8:30 last night and slept through the entire night. H followed shortly at 9:00. He’s still sleeping and it’s after   7:00. In other words, we were exhausted and needed a break from the “list.”

The Home Inspection

The buyers have not responded. The deadline is 5:00 pm today. So we should learn something today. If they don’t respond by then, we are responsible for nothing, and we proceed to settlement. That, of course, will never happen. We will hear something today.

A Friend

Pat, a longtime friend, called yesterday. It was perfect timing because I wouldn’t have had time to talk to her if she had called any other day this week. I was in the mood to give up the list for one day. We talked for a very long time. She wanted to talk about her mother who died a few months ago. Her will is in probate. As some wills can be, this one was revelatory. It disclosed a few million things of which her seven children and husband were not aware. The revelations have caused a few ripples, especially with her husband of sixty some years.

Pat’s father is a famous man in the medical field. He has won almost every award and honor possible. He figuratively built the hospital where he did his research. He is brilliant, but also has the arrogance that you might expect from a man of his times and accomplishments.

As you can imagine, he has accumulated a great deal of wealth. But what about her mother? Pat’s mother was an incredible artist and won every award in her field, one posthumously. When the will was read, they learned that she had over $500,000. from her art, and that she had invested more of her “art money” over the years. In addition, she had accumulated several million in stocks and other investments.

You can only imagine how this revelation affected Pat’s father. He was furious and accused her of stealing from him, etc. It was very ugly. He couldn’t understand why she needed “her own” money. After all, he had given her what she needed. He couldn’t believe she would have had the wherewithal to accumulate such wealth, and on and on.

It was not easy for women of Pat’s mother’s generation. Let’s say, it was complicated. My aunt had a similar experience when my uncle learned that she had her “own money,” but he found out before she died. That wasn’t pretty either.

My Poor, Dead Big Mac

The final diagnosis is in. Big Mac is truly, and oh-so-truly dead. My heart is broken for sure. He was a grand old guy. His like will never be seen again….. until I can order another one. I think I’ll wait until we move.